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Connecting Stakeholders, Initiating Change

The International Development & Engagement Network (IDEN) advocate change and reform in order to improve the lives of citizens, worldwide.

Our team has extensive global experience working with parliaments, governments, NGOs, international institutions, election management bodies and large multinational corporations.

Collaborating with an international network of leaders, influencers, experts and specialists, enables IDEN to develop and implement innovative, forward-thinking solutions to complex global challenges.

Throughout the lifecycle of any given project, IDEN works closely with all partners to ensure objectives are achieved and expectations surpassed.

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Our Services

Our services enable development and growth, strengthen public service delivery and facilitate open dialogue between stakeholders, across a variety of sectors. Services include:

Organisational Development and Capacity Building

Organisational development and capacity building is fundamental to the principles of advancement and growth. Our training programmes help to improve performance and efficiency, strengthen core competencies, ensure standards of good practice and implement organisational change.

Policy Planning

Effective policy planning is the foundation for good governance, addressing public concerns and enabling actions for change. Our experienced team of experts are able to assist with the policy planning process, delivering positive outcomes for civil society.

Stakeholder Engagement

Stakeholder engagement ensures a better understanding of stakeholder's views and concerns and helps to build confidence and trust. This process also facilitates the development and implementation of equitable policies and effective strategies. IDEN is able to stimulate constructive and progressive dialogue between stakeholders, focusing on a wide range of global issues.

Strategic Communications

The way in which we communicate with one another has changed significantly over the last 20 years and access to information has increased exponentially. IDEN is able to connect with specific target audiences, through many different channels, delivering key messages to advance long-term objectives.

Research and Evaluation

Research is vital to the decision making process. Our team of analysts are able to systematically investigate any given subject matter, across different socio-economic groups and geographical areas, gathering valuable information to connect theories, facts and figures, ensuring accurate evaluations.

Areas of Work

Parliamentary Affairs | Public Administration | Democratic Governance | EU Affairs
International Development | Healthcare| Information and Communications Technology | Education
Regulation | Anti-Corruption | Justice and Security | Transport and Infrastructure
Environment and Climate Change| Energy and Utilities | Finance | International Trade

  • To improve is to change

    Winston Churchill


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